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 JP Cadillac records is a recording studio and record producers with the state of the art tech and gear. We have also collaborated with some of the big names in the industry.




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The Knickerbocker All-Stars Open Mic at the Knick celebrates with all new studio recordings storied  a great idea to do this and more so, what a fantastic band, backing with blues dynamism a parade of singers.

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We have some of the best vocals who can have a proper connect with the crowd and make everyone go crazy.

Willie J Laws
Willie J Laws
 Curtis Salgado
Curtis Salgado

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Most popular musical instruments

We all dream of learning at least one instrument in our lifetime. Most of the times, we choose the instrument our favorite musician plays or else we follow the family tradition and pick the instrument which was most learnt by the members in our family. But most of them are confused as to which instrument they should pick up, with so many available options. We’ve got a list of the most preferably opted for musical instruments – just to help you make the best choice!


  1. Piano:
    Mastering the piano means getting the hang of practically all the musical instruments. And this is the main reason why pianos are preferred when it comes to music lessons. More importantly, pianos are perfect starters – even for children, as it is one of the easiest to grasp. Their nimble fingers quickly adapt to the structure of the piano too. It’s an excellent start off for adults too – So no matter what, it’s never too late or early to start learning the piano!
  2. Drums:
    The cool quotient associated with drummers is probably what draws masses to learn to play them! The beauty and complexity of the drums is also another factor that appeals masses to learning this tricky musical instrument! So, do you have it in you? You won’t know until you actually try playing the drums!
  3. Flute:
    This piece is quite popular among the classical musical instrument clan! The best part about it is its cost-effectiveness and portability – which makes it easy for you to practice whenever you want to, no matter where you are! Plus, the flute is reasonably easy to learn and will create a passion for learning other musical instruments too!
  4. Guitar:
    This is probably the most popular instrument out there –, especially amongst youngsters! As tough and easy it is to learn the tricks to play the guitar, no one can stop you from jamming tunes when you’ve got the hang of it! The initial struggle, cuts on fingers, swollen fingertips will all pay off the day you learn to play your first song on the guitar!
  5. Violin:
    A symbol of elegance and a test of your patience – the violin is indeed a beautiful instrument to master! And if you’re inclined towards picking the violin, you have to promise yourself to be dedicated to the instrument too. It takes a while to get used to the violin – but once you do, it’s sheer magic pouring out from this chic instrument!


How does music work as a therapy?

Whenever you’re feeling low, depressed or terrible, you often turn to music – for the solace you want, for the calm and peaceful feeling you so badly require at that moment. You know for sure that listening to music will pep up your mood and get you out of your blues. You must often be wondering why exactly does music work as such a wonderful therapy? Here’s why:

music asleep


For starters, music is actually used as a therapy to deal with a host of issues – social, cognitive, emotional and physical too. It helps to realign all the disturbing factors of mind, body, and soul, to bring in the sense of calmness with rhythm. These therapy sessions are performed by professional music therapists, who have the required qualification, credentials and practical experience to implement this therapy successfully.

How does the brain react to music therapy?

First of all, our body already works on a rhythm – the heartbeat. Every function of our body depends on this thumping sound, and our brain is well aware of this fact. Our bodies are tuned to this rhythm, which makes music more relevant to it.

You could even notice that no matter what you’re doing, if you hear some peppy music, with nice beats and all, you will involuntarily start tapping your feet, your pen on the table or walk in that rhythm! This is because our bodies are tuned to the rhythm.



This is one reason why music therapy is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to treating patients who have suffered a stroke. Music therapy works wonderfully for such patients, who have to learn everything – right from walking from scratch.

Just think over this – plants react wonderfully to music. Humans are still a much more complex level of living organisms, making them even more sensitive. Studies have proven that even infants respond to music, showing a change in behavioral patterns.


Music has the ability to influence your behavior drastically – it makes you either happy or sad. This is one reason why it’s said you should preferably listen to music that can cheer you up. It also has the power to bring out memories, both pleasant and unpleasant – and this is one important aspect which is used by therapists to deal with patients who have undergone trauma.

There are no side effects to this therapy – it’s completely safe, and most importantly, it’s effective!

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JP Cadillac is one of the best bands around. Every member of the band is unique and talented. They are really good at catching the pulse of the audience.